Our mission is to help you feel good!

We understand that working out can be confusing. You ask yourself “would I rather work out or catch my hand in the door,?” equal pain. Without being taught the basics and where to start, we choose to watch TV or do anything but exercise. The guilt sets in.

Fit Fannie is your Exercise 101 class that breaks it down and makes it easy, one step at a time. You simply complete one 30 Second exercise that can be done any time, at any place,  and when you are done, you will receive another class. Your first week you will receive 10 exercises each day (just 5 minutes!) for 5 days. Each week thereafter we will add 1 more minute to your program. You can’t access class two until you have completed class one. We will guide you and teach you what your core is and how to work it, how to balance, how to get your heart working and blood flowing. We even teach you about meditation and how to breathe to stay healthy.


All this is to make you smile. Join our cast of characters and we will take you to a place where you are proud of your accomplishments and feel good all day.

Meet the Instructor

Certified in Sports Training, Yoga, Titleist Golf fitness, TRX, and more,  I've spent the last 10 years working one-on-one with students to keep them healthy.  I have taught them proper techniques to stretch, to burn calories, to weight train, and to take care of their bodies. Most importantly, I've shared my love for exercise and overall wellness.  Taking your first step is the most important step.  We will break down exercise into simple, fun steps because the only good exercise is the one that you do. Together,  not only will we have fit fannies, I promise you will see results that propel you to do more. I want you to feel confident in your ability to be fit, healthy and happy.  My goal is to have you hop out of bed in the morning reciting  3 magic words, "I feel great."

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Wendy McGee

Fitness Trainer & Founder

Fitness deserves to be fun!