Bring movement back into your day and build your fitness habit.

One step at a time, no equipment needed. 


Start with 30 second exercises designed to build a fitness habit. 


No equipment or gym needed



Wendy has broken me out of the shell of "working from home" as a desk potato. I am now proud to say with her quick tips, fast 30 seconds exercises (which I do more than once or twice at a time), and now with her "walk and talk" sessions, I am more active than I have been in the last 12 months. Thank you Wendy for your energy and positive force to get me and others motivated again.


This app is a loving, soft, 5 min practice that makes me feel better. Stretching makes me feel alive. Now I use my exercise bike and find myself walking. Before I wouldn't have given it space.


Your voice and mannerism is very encouraging and supportive. I feel cared for by you even though we haven't met yet. 

After my cancer my mind detached from my body. Working with fitfannie has helped me reconnect. Thank you.

Wendy is clearly born to do this amazing work, and she cares about every soul she touches. I'm so grateful to have her in my life!


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Progressive Workouts

Learn proper exercise techniques & strategies as you go

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Providing Optimal Results 

Exercises for caloric burn, weight and strength training & stretching

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Short & Effective Sessions

30 second exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime

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No Equipment Needed

Work out from the comfort of your home without the gym's equipment

Everyone starts somewhere.
Start your fitness journey with us!